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Dedicated To Creativity

Welcome to 17TH BAY! I’m Matthew Carasella and we're excited you found us!

As a professional photographer, producer based out of NYC and now, a home builder, I'm always inspired when creativity finds connection with people.

I love generating ideas and collaborating on projects and since starting my business over 15 years ago, I've worked hundreds of great events and with amazing talent. 

From The Whitney Museum to Waterford Crystal New Years Eve, exposure to these outlets have infused me with a passion to not only keep creating but to find and make a place for people to create. That desire is the seedling of 17TH BAY. A place built to create!

Creating 17th Bay

Take a look at what it took to build 17TH BAY as we traveled our Long Road Home while renovating a 1950's beach bungalow on the Chesapeake Bay.

See what challenges we faced while passionately taking every step along the way even if it meant not knowing what we were doing at times.

Our intention was always to give our best, stay engaged and work our butts off creating a place inspires everyone to keep Livin' Your Way.

To commemorate our journey, we commissioned legendary artist Steve Nazar to paint a portrait of our vision home.

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It's not just about us! 17TH BAY endeavors to Spotlight the brands, businesses, events, media and people that inspire us to keep doing our thing.

Here's a look at who and what we found that keeps us inspired! Please contact us if you have ideas and would like to share or work with us.

We're happy to start a conversation and collaborate with you!

Book Your Stay At 17th Bay

The Beach Bungalow Deplux has two private floors separated by an indoor lockable staircase. Each floor has a full kitchen, full bath, laundry, private patios and beach access. It can be rented by floor or in it's entirety. Book now! You won't forget your time at 17TH BAY.