A deck with chairs and a sunset in the background.

17TH BAY is professional photograher and producer Matthew Carasella’s gallery space and studio. It is located in Norfolk, VA on the Chesapeake Bay. MC17 comes from Matthew's initials and because the house is located on 17th Bay Street.

The house and the website were created during the Pandemic and served as two canvases for Matthew to work. Because the home was being fully renovated and the entire world was confided to living and working virtual, Matthew set-out to create a virtual space that mirrored the vision for his future home and his hoped for vision. The website became a "living home" in a sense for him to explore ideas and concepts and is constantly evolved. The collections of work and ideas seen herein originated from concepts that eventually begin to evolve into reality.

MC 17 showcases a large breadth of work by Matthew Carasella spanning twenty years while living and working New York City. The 1949 beach bungalow underwent a full renovation in 2020 and was designed by Matthew.  MC 17 is open to the public by appointment only. Guests may also book a stay at 17th Bay through AirBnB.

Work featured at MC17.com is also shown throughout the house and is a Best of the Best showcase. MC17  is the perfect place for guests who desire a creative stay. Inspiration is everywhere.

We invite you to explore our collection,, shop our store and hopefully visit us one day at 17th Bay in Norfolk, VA.. For those fans and enthusiasts who cannot make the pilgrimage, we hope you enjoy our inspiration featured at MC17.com


A fireplace in the middle of a room with glass doors.
A living room with hard wood floors and ceiling fans.
A living room with a couch and table
A bedroom with a bed, dresser and window.
A living room with a couch, chair and table.
A living room with hard wood floors and white walls.
A deck with chairs and a sunset in the background.
A group of sailboats in the ocean near some tall grass.
A field with grass and clouds in the background.
A pink box sitting in the grass near some water.
A beach with grass and sand on the shore.