H is for High-Fives from Auntie Okie Dokie

Give a high-five to the oldest oak tree at 17th Bay, Auntie Okie-Dokie! She’s the “happiest, friendliest grump who worries about becoming a stump” that you’ll ever meet! Auntie Okie-Dokie has a lot of oak tree relatives at 17th Bay. Take Chuckle Berry, a delightful squirrel, who keeps his picnic table of acorns on her sister’s branches. Have you seen Chuckle Berry? He loves writing songs while strumming his one-of-a-kind “Gib-nut-Son” guitar and playing for peanuts. His guitar is green like Auntie’s leaves and he uses Tie-Dye’s shed feathers as strings. 

Oh, no! Auntie Oakie-Dokie spotted us!

Hey! Get your hands off my branches!

Don’t worry, Auntie! It’s me, Tie-Dye, and this is our new friend! Tell her your name, friend.

Listen here, Tie-Dye, I’m the oldest tree at 17th Bay and I know trouble when it comes in my garden. If they’re our friend, tell them to name the other friends at 17th Bay!

Quick, friend! Can you share the names of the other friends we’ve met so far? What about the dogfather of jazz? Don’t forget Chuckle Berry! Yes, friend, you did it! You named Santo, Dizzle Gillespie, Chuckle
Berry, and me! Now, Auntie Oakie-Dokie wants to talk to you.

Good day, nice human, I’m Auntie Oakie-Dokie. Cardinal was right, you are a friend of 17th Bay. I apologize for getting so upset. I worry a lot lately! There have been some strange things happening at 17th Bay. Everyone comes here just looking for a good time and it seems no one wants to take care of me anymore! So many creatures are searching for the treasure now. They treat me like an old stump when I am, in fact, still tall and beautifully green.
Speaking of trouble, can you give a message to two sea creatures at 17th Bay? They were last seen near the outdoor water spout. If you can help me, dear Auntie Oakie-Dokie—who everyone forgets— I will remember you as a great friend to 17th Bay, indeed! 

More about Auntie Oakie-Dokie:
Auntie Oakie-Dokie loves catching the bay breezes in her branches. She was the first friend to greet Santo in the Camino Garden when he arrived at 17th Bay. Look at how many strong branches she has. A popular legend is that Auntie Okie-Dokie is as old as the number of leaves on her branches. How many leaves can you count? How old do you think Auntie Oakie-Dokie is?

Do what Auntie says!
No time for hanging out
Find this pair of friends
Seen by the water spout

A yellow hand with five fingers is shown.