S is for Sandy Dunemar & The Sand Hog Surf & Salvage Shop

Welcome to the Surf & Salvage Shop run by Sandy Dunemar and the SandHogs!! Here, they build surfboards out of recycled beach materials. These hogs have one motto: “PIGS. RECYCLE. BIGS!”

Sandy Dunemar is originally from Jamaica. He uses Dizzle’s color formula to paint surfboards after the SandHogs bring salvaged material to him. Sandy trained with Parisian masters and weaved his brushes from recycled dune grass. He formed the Surf & Salvage Shop with the SandHogs in 1987 to promote beach cleanup and eco-friendly commerce. They are legends of the bay!

Woof, woof!
Tie-Dye can see Sandy is out surfing, she says. Let’s leave him a note using the marker tied to his spare surfboard.
A lot of the beauty of 17th Bay is big thanks to Sandy. His surf shop is in charge of recycling, which makes sure everything here finds a second home. It also helps take care of the land, so nothing is left behind and 17th Bay looks beautiful for the next group of boys and girls! Now, surfing is a cool skill but, like any talent, Sandy would tell you it takes a lot of practice. I bet you have talents, too, some of which you haven’t even discovered yet! Let’s talk about our talents, and maybe practice them a little, at the Tres Flamingos Talent Pool!

Get your skills all ready
For an awesome day o’ school
Look for long-legged birds
Flocking by the Talent Pool

A close up of the hair on a horse