V is for Vision Vise Krabby Grip

You’re standing under my oldest branch and the glasses you found will help you see 17th Bay as I do! Just like a person, I wasn’t born exactly the way I am now. I continue to learn and grow. Even in my old age, I meet new friends every day!

You won’t need to move much more on the Scavenger Hunt now. Santo said you have a talent to share. Would you like to share it?
But first, I bet that if all the friends at 17th Bay come together, they could use their talents to sing a great song! Now is the time to round-up all your friends and family, or even just one other person! Bring them to the Octopus’ CheerGarden!
When everyone is here, ask Santo what song he wants to play.

If ever you feel alone
Remember Santo’s call
And find your next clue
By searching for his paw

A gold plated animal shaped charm with a lobster claw.