G is for Garden Paths

Welcome to the Camino Garden! This is Santo’s favorite place at 17th Bay. He finds it very relaxing. How does it make you feel? We take special care of the garden because a lot of friends hang out here. Do you see any animals now?

Chirp, chirp! Click, click! It’s me, Tie-Dye!
Santo is napping, and I can’t stop snapping pictures! I want to show you so many more places at 17th Bay.
Woah! Not so quickly, though! Where ya going?

Sometimes, we’re in such a hurry, we forget to enjoy what’s already around us! Before going on to the next clue, take a moment and explore the lovely Camino Garden. Walk down its paths and find one you like best.
Santo loves walking. It gives him exercise, which is important for birds, dogs, and people! Walking also helps him find an answer if he has a problem.

Looking back towards the garden
Stretch up towards the trees
The next branch of your journey
Is the oldest one of these!

A path in the middle of a garden