R is for Ringo’s Rescue Ring

This Rescue Ring belonged to Ringo ‘Rilla. Him and his uncle, Hugh Mungus, were the first lifeguards at 17th Bay. Watching over the guests was easy for Hugh: he stood sixty-eight feet tall and was forty-five thousand pounds of pure kindness! That spirit was passed down to Ringo, so don’t be
scared by his size!

Woof, woof! It’s me, Santo again!
Friend, you’ve made it! We’re safe from Calypso’s quicksand trap!
Elvis got his boogie back, too. Just look at him smiling and laughing! Isn’t it great when foes become friends? Tie-Dye is singing above and Whale-On is dancing beside you!

But don’t celebrate too much! The quicksand will ruin the land if we just leave it here. Let’s boogie on to Sandy’s Surf & Salvage Shop. I bet he’ll know what to do!

We must stop the sinking sand,
For the land we can surely save!
Find Sandy’s Shop of Salvage,
Near a board that missed its wave.

A red life ring is shown on the white background.