W is for Woof A Little Help From Your Friends

“Woof! A Little Help From My Friends'' is a song loved by Dizzle Gillespie & Tie-Dye. Their band, Feather Paw, always ended their famous concerts singing it together. When all the Friends come together at the Octopus' CheerGarden, they encourage each other to share their talents, memories, and
all things loved about each other and 17th Bay.

Woof, woof!
Santo here! Everything's better when we share it together, right?
Did you bring someone to the CheerGarden?
What about Tie-Dye? Is she above?

Chrip, chirp. Click, click!

Alright! She is! Calypso?

Argh! You bet your ‘68 Special Boot Straps I’m here and ready to boogie!

Great, Calypso! Whale-On and Lucky-Back?
Whale-On? Um…are you here, Whale-On?

Here I am! Lucky-Back and I were just re-tuning our HydraLoPhones for the big performance! Sorry ‘bout that, Santo! We’re ready!

Woof! That’s okay!
Before we begin, let’s find your X-Factor–something that makes you unique and so very special! We want you to share it with 17th Bay!

Only you posses this present
It may not be what you thought
Search for red and yellow letters
Used to “mark the spot”

A black and white picture of the word woof with two paw prints.