🎶✨ 📸 Immerse yourself in the unique charm and design of 45 records captured as part of the Record Store Graffiti project - these vibrant album designs were taken on the actual floorboard at Bleecker Bob’s and bear witness to the rhythmic foot traffic and musical history of the space.

Each image showcases the colorful array of 45 records that have played a part in music history and as a memory of this iconic store. From classic hits to hidden gems, these photographs tell a story etched in vinyl, celebrating the soulful connection between music and the cherished space it inhabits.

Join us on this nostalgic journey as we unveil the artistry, diversity, and character of the Record Store Graffiti project, where the very floor beneath your feet becomes a canvas of musical expression. 🌟🎤 #RecordStoreGraffiti #VinylMagic #MusicalHistory #FloorboardArtistry 🎵📷