T is for The Tres Flamingos Talent Pool

Say “Hola, mate!” to the Tres Flamingos. They come from the land down under and are the resident Good Vibe Promoters at 17th Bay. Did you know that Australia was once a land graced by flamingos? For at least twenty million years, these tall, pink birds fed on vast inland lakes, until a drying of the outback ended their reign. But at 17th Bay, we enjoy their talents year round!

A talent is nothing without practice! Even things we are not good at get better when we practice. Here at the Tres Flamingos Talent Pool, we know everyone has their own unique talent.

Now comes the fun part!
We’re going to share our talent with Auntie Oakie-Dokie! This talent can be music or singing, sports or any activity! You can tell her about a school subject you really enjoy, too! Or, it can even be just saying a very kind thing! Making friends is a talent, too!
Sharing is the final step in unlocking the Treasure Map. So, Let’s go!

With our hearts oh-so-happy
And our feet a-moving swift
We’ll go ‘neath Auntie Oakie
And share with her our gift!

Three pink flamingos are sitting in the sand.