F is for Flying Film Spin-Camera Frisbee

You found it! Tie-Dye’s spin camera. He loves taking pictures with his spin-camera so he can share 17th Bay with everyone on the 17th Bay Instagram account @17thBay! When he found Santo in the rainstorm, he shared his favorite pictures and promised Santo better days were ahead. He wants to share his Spin Camera with you so you can take pictures! Look around, what do you see? What do you want to photograph? Toss Tie-Dyes spin-camera and see where it goes! You are not far from Santo’s favorite place at 17th Bay. It’s not far away. Do you see the beautiful green paths?

Choose a Path and see where it goes. Don’t worry if you get to a fork in the road, a new Friend will show you where to go!

A colorful light up frisbee with a snowflake design.