D is for Dizzle's Dog Tag

Meet Dizzle Gillespie. He lived to nearly one hundred and twenty human years and is 17th Bay's DogFather of the Peace Pawtrol. Dizzle loved watching the bay from his lifeguard chair and taking long walks on the beach while listening to the crashing waves. He protected the valuable treasure at 17th Bay and kept the crab pirates away from it.

Dizzle made Tie-Dye's colorful shirt by collecting beautiful sunrise colors in his paint. Dizzle was also an amazing “trom-bone” player in his time! Tie-Dye and Dizzle had so much fun making music together, they started an electric bluegrass-jazz band called Feather Paw. Their sound waves were recorded and hung in glass bulbs at 17th Bay.

These bulbs are too high for Santo, only Tie-Dye can surely fly.
But you can catch their colors–just look up to the sky!