Z is for Zephyr Wind

Woof, woof!
You made it, friend! You found the treasure! We’re all so proud of you! Tie-Dye, Whale-On Jennings, Lucky-Back, Auntie Oakie-Dokie, Chuckle Berry, King Calypso, and even the Krabby-8 couldn’t be happier!

Well, you can always be happier! There is always more joy to be found!
What’s that? You don’t see any gold?
The Treasure Map has pointed us to the real treasure of 17th Bay: YOU!

Knowing all that lies within, everything you’ve learned and all the love you’ve shared while on this adventure, is more valuable than any gold! True riches stretch deep inside you and have mighty, unshakable roots. No wonder the Krabby-8 couldn’t find the treasure when they were angry! All you need is love, and then you can conquer anything! When you remember your X-Factor, there’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.
Before we go, let’s take a moment and listen to the most popular version of “Woof! A Little Help from My Friends!” If you know the words, sing along! In fact, everyone here can sing along! Be grateful, remember the lessons and friends you met along the way and go full steam ahead! Don’t forget to share your story!

    Although our story’s over
    The adventure does not end
    For a smile will last forever
    When you share it with a friend

A drawing of leaves and swirls on a white background