L is for Larry’s Lost Treasure Scroll

It must be your lucky day — you’ve found the ancient scroll! Forgetful Larry the Mole never remembers where the scroll is and, even if he did, his eyesight is too bad to find it again! One moment, it’s here—the next, it’s there! He trips and tumbles around muttering to himself, “It must be here. No, wait–there!”
King Calypso doesn’t know, but Larry and Santo have become good friends. Just like Larry, Santo knows how it feels to be lost sometimes. Larry revealed to Santo that the scroll actually doesn’t work! It’s missing one secret thing to reveal the treasure. A secret that would crack the crusty Krabs and change everything at 17th Bay!
What mysterious, valuable piece could the map be missing?

All we see, touch, and hear
Is not everything we have
For we also have our heart
And must follow in its path

A paper scroll with wooden handles on top.