C is for the Cardinal Friend named Tie-Dye

Say hello to Tie-Dye, the cardinal who saved Santo and brought him to17th Bay.

Chirp, chirp!
Hey there, my name is Tie-Dye. I’m a cardinal, the state bird for Virginia. I’m a girl, but cardinals can be either girls or boys. One thing I love so much about 17th Bay is that girls and boys visit from all over the world!
Where are you from? Do you know your own state bird? What do you like most about 17th Bay so far?

About Tie-Dye:
Tie-Dye speaks five languages, so you can talk with her however you like! Her favorite activities are singing, playing the drums, and taking pictures. Tie-Dye will be with you for the rest of the journey and help you avoid the Pincher Krabs. She’ll introduce you to all of Santo's friends, as well. Together, we’ll seek the hidden treasure of 17th Bay. Tie-Dye is one of the wisest, most caring birds you'll ever meet. Go ahead, give her a big hug—if you can catch her!


Follow to the Watchtower,
be sure that you don’t lag.
To hear of a kind ol’ fella,
first find a dog’s lost tag.

A red bird sitting on top of a tree branch.