P is for Peace

You’re offering me, King “Elvis” Calypso, leader of the famous Krabby-8 Pirates, a sign of peace?
You must have learned the Lesson of Peace from the oysters. No one here has ever offered to be my friend before. If only they had, they would see I’m not so crabby!
Argh! Argh! … Waaaaaaah!!! The tears are falling right off my shell!
I always wanted to be your friend! Argh, argh, argh! Sorry for being such a cranky crustacean before! Please, my new friend, call me Elvis!
But…I have to confess, I set a Boogie Trap for you before! I saw you getting too close to the treasure and needed to slow you down. Now that we’re friends, I’ll show you how to stay safe from it.

We befriended King Calypso,
He’ll lend a helping hand.
Nothing can stop you now,
Not even sinking sand!

A black peace sign on a green background