I is for Igloo Sand Hut

Howdy there! I'm Whale-On Jennings and this here is my pal, Lucky-Back. Did Auntie Oakie-Dokie send you to kick us out? Well, she's very protective of 17th Bay and thinks we’re here to steal the treasure! Let’s show her that we, too, love 17th Bay! I bet if we see more of the land, we can tell Auntie Oakie-Dokie all ‘bout it! Then she’ll know we’re here to take good care of 17th!
That reminds me of a song I wrote with Chuckle Berry. It’s called, “Promised Land!” I’ll sing it for you sometime, or you can look it up! But, first, let’s get some jokes to tell Auntie Oakie-Dokie from the Joke Jukebox. These will put her in a good mood!

Bonus Info on Whale-On Jennings & Lucky-Back:
Whale-On Jennings is from Texas and his roommate, Lucky-Back, is from Key West. They are the 17th Bay’s best HyDraLoPhone players and stand-up comedy duo. They were wild water rapid outlaws back in the day but have settled down at 17th Bay. They now live by the principles of love, laughter, and respecting the land. They don’t let anything spoil their day and built a “Woofless Sand Igloo Hut.” Here, they catch the sun all day while friends stop by!

The best part of an adventure
Is rollin’ with the path
Look for this joke jukebox
And have a real good laugh!

A white igloo with snow on the ground