X marks The Spot

You found your X-Factor! Now, the journey continues in your own special way. An X-Factor is something that makes you special. Each and every one of you has it, and everyone you will ever meet has their own unique skill that makes them very special. No one will ever have the same X-Factor, just like each person’s journey home is as unique as the person themselves.

And that’s what makes you wonderful!
You were born with an X-Factor, in fact! But it may be harder to find some times than others. When life feels like you’re stuck in the rain, I want you to remember your X-Factor and not be stuck in the mud!
And now that you have it, it’s time to shine, shine, shine!
Everyone is ready for you to share your talent, friend!
Go ahead, sing a song to Auntie Oakie-Dokie or tell her a joke! Make sure she knows that you, too, love 17th Bay. This is the greatest performance ever!


With friends all abound
There’s so much now to tell
Head for the “submarine”
Made from a yellow “Shell”

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