U is for “Under The Sea” the Octopus’ Biergarten

Welcome to “Under The Sea:” the Octopus’ CheerGarden at 17th Bay. It’s a cool spot beneath Auntie Oakie-Dokie’s shade where friends support each other’s talents. The SquidGuard will let you in because they know just where you’ve been! Ask your friends: come and see the Octopus’ CheerGarden with me!

Welcome back!
I’m so happy you’ve come back to see me, Auntie Oakie-Dokie!

Everyone else seems to forget I’m here! I’ve been studying the Treasure Map and am getting very close to solving it!
I think of my branches as arms and, just like an octopus, I have many.
That’s why I call the shaded area under my long reach the Octopus’ CheerGarden. Only positive things are said here and we support everyone’s talents.
Take a moment and look up at all of my arms. Think of how many people have also seen them and how old I am. Before you share your talent with me, let me show you one of my own.

To hear of Auntie’s talent
And learn what isn’t seen
Look through her long branches
For a ribbon made of green

An octopus with a shovel and bucket on it's back.