E is for Dizzle’s Electric Basket of Bay Color

Let’s have some fun with Tie-Dye’s Flying-Film Spin-Camera Frisbee! Tie-Dye loves taking pictures with the Spin-Camera. She sends them to her friends and shares them on 17th Bay’s Instagram account, @17thBay! Be sure to leave the spin-camera in the basket so our friends can use it after you!

Woof, woof! It’s Santo again!
Tie-Dye and I are having a great time on the scavenger hunt with you!
Let’s take a picture using Tie-Dye’s Flying-Film Spin-Camera! Some of the best pictures I have are with friends, like right now! I hope when you look at this picture, you’ll think of me, Tie-Dye, and all the fun you’re having at 17th Bay. Remember, it’s okay if you need to take a break from the scavenger hunt.
Just pick up where you left off!
In fact, I’m getting sleepy myself. Can you find a good place in the garden for me to nap?

Toss the camera towards the garden,
And walk where it does fly,
Find your next adventure,
Where Santo does go to lie.

A color wheel with six colors in each of the 6 circles.