Welcome to 17th Bay

First things first! Welcome. We're glad you made it.

Now, let me introduce you to the cute little fella in the doggie pull over hoodie. His name is Santo and he's the 17TH BAY mascot. He's come along way since being rescued from a shelter in Puerto Rico. I wish I could take credit for rescuing him but all the credit goes to my fiance Helen. She found him online at a shelter and boarded a plane to pick him up. She did it all in a days work! There and back. She's amazing like that.

From the moment I saw a photo of Santo, I must say, I fell in love. His flop ear and piercing eyes convinced me that there was a little spirit inside him. He had a face as the expression goes, that only a mother and father could love. Santo makes me smile everyday so becoming the official mascot of 17TH BAY seemed only natural. His role at 17TH BAY is simple: Chill, bring good vibes and represent the "Livin' Your Way." He does a pretty awesome job at it even if he chases after a few crabs here and there.

My role at 17TH BAY is a little different and has required a little more work to get here. Before 17TH BAY, I began my career at Popular Photography Magazine as a digital photography workshop producer and after leaving the magazine in 2005, I began my professional photography career to document the New York fashion, art & social scene.

Since taking the leap of faith to follow my dreams of becoming a photographer, I've photographed internationally acclaimed events such as the New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball, Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Coachella Art & Music Festival, and Art Basel Miami & Switzerland. My clients include Target, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Hermès of Paris, Waterford Crystal, Hearst Magazines, Luxe Magazine, Architectural Digest, The Jewish Museum and the LUPUS Foundation.

As much as I love my profession, I always had it in my heart to buy a place back home to be close to family and create a place that brought people together. The dream of owning a creative space that I could share and inspire people to live out their passion became a reality in January 2020. Shortly thereafter, CoVid hit and I found myself under construction and like millions thrust into a Long Road of Uncertainty. A true test of perseverance, but I always tried to hold onto the dream and keep on building a place rooted in discovery, creativity and intention.

For the next year and a half, I poured every ounce of my passion into 17TH BAY. The vision slowly started to reveal itself after literally shoveling truck loads of sand away from the house foundation, trimming away 30 foot vines, cleaning trash from the dune and hand placing a ton of river rock. It truly is a labor of love and 17TH BAY started to blossom like the dark mulberry, golden rods and yuccas that adorn the property.

By December 2021, I moved in and started living the vision and I was no longer just visualizing Livin' Your Way, but actually living' it. It's been a true labor of love and a 20 year journey to get here since I first dreamt of owing such a place. So with that, on behalf of myself and Santo & Friends, we welcome you on this journey. A journey that we're still on!

We hope to see you at 17TH BAY,


Matthew, Santo & Friends

Santo & Matthew

A small dog wearing a sweater on the beach.
A man riding on top of a wave in the ocean.
A beach with sand and grass on it


To commemorate the opening of 17TH BAY, we commissioned "The Long Road Home," a one-of-a-kind art piece by legendary cultural illustrator Steve Nazar. Nazar is the acclaimed original artist and creator of the classic T&C Surf Designs characters Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool and Da'Boys. He continues to create iconic character designs and artwork for the surf, skate, snowboard and other industries so having him create this piece for 17TH BAY is super special. View more of Steve's work at www. stevenazar.com

A cartoon of a car driving down the road


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