B is for Brick Books

You found Alice's Brick Book Collection so quick! Don’t worry about opening them, though. Instead, I’ll share a story with you:
Alice was a young girl who vacationed at 17th Bay the same summer the house was built: 1949. She went on this scavenger hunt and wrote about it in these great books.
My own "Long Road Home" began during a rainy day when my car broke down. I found myself stranded downtown with no way to get home. Rain was pouring all around me, and I was nearly dragged deep into quicksand by the mean Pincher Krabs. The Krabs tried to tangle me in their yabby nets but, all of a sudden, someone swooped down and rescued me. Her name was Tie-Dye, and her shirt read, “Live The Dream.” She pulled me above the water and brought me to this paradise. Tie-Dye said she was lucky to find me when she did, Pincher Krabs are known to guard this path very closely, she said. Legend has it, a very valuable treasure is buried deep within the land and the crabs want it all to themselves!

Meet my feathered sky-friend, helpful as can be. Find Virginia’s bird, perched upon a tree.

A group of five boxes sitting in the grass.